Analyzing the Levels of Assistance

When talking about Assistance in any situation you must realize that their are levels to it and the way they affect people. You’re level of assistance can range from helping someone carry a heavy object, or saving someones life. I don’t like to give this a scale from 1-10 because you can not measure such actions. Since we are a website with helping others as a core value, it seems appropriate to share a few things on the topic. Please enjoy our 3 aspects of assistance.

The Aspects of Assisting Someone

1. Adding value to the individual

You must be bring some sort os positive value to the person you are helping. No matter what the level of assistance you are bringing something to the person to which they would not have had without you.

2. Contact

You need to be comfortable with confronting people that need help. If you are too nervous or feel awkward, don’t! If anything you will be the hero of the situation, and the savior of the person’s day. You would be surprised that in need of public help, most people won’t stop because they suspect, “someone else will stop and help”. You should be that person.

3. Nothing in Return

Whenever providing assistance to someone, you should never expect anything in return. By having this mindset you are being selfish and have a greedy demeanor. True assistance comes from the heart and righteous will to help and aid.

The video below provides a good representation of providing assistance without looking for anything in return.